Tuesday, May 27, 2008


By Samuel Duodu, Sunyani

THE National Unity Movement (NUM), a political pressure organisation based in Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region, has called for the introduction of Government of National Unity to replace the existing multi party system being practiced in the country.

Multi-party system
According to the movement, the unsuitability of the multi party system is evidenced by the fact that it has failed to deliver the goods in Africa, due to its propensity for violence, division and instability.
The NUM in these circumstances is calling for the adoption of the district assembly concept of non-partisan politics to be adopted by the National Assembly.
Speaking at a press conference in Sunyani, Dr S.K. Ankama, the founder of the movement said under the district assembly concept, members should be elected on non-party basis while every ward takes the responsibility for electing the members of the district assembly.

He said in adopting this system, every constituency in Ghana must be given the responsibility to elect its own Member of Parliament (MP), without participation by any political party.
Dr Ankama noted that upon the election of the MPs, the members would elect one of their members to be the president, the same way the district assembly members chose their presiding members.
He said the movement proceeded from the premise that a close study of party politics in Ghana, over the past 50 years had revealed that no single political party could save Ghana or any African country practicing multiparty democracy.
“In Africa multiparty democracy has become a recipe for violence, wars, leading to bloodshed and political instability. The divisive nature of the system has put Africa into inferno of political feuds with no end in sight, as well as creating refugee problems on a

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