Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A Traditional ruler in the Techiman Municipality has suggested to the financial institutions operating in the municipality to extend their working days to Saturdays.
The chief, Nana Joseph Ackession, who is the Odikro of Atabourso, a farming community, said extending working days to Saturdays would provide customers the opportunity to receive banking services at the weekends.
Nana Ackession made the suggestion in an interview with the Daily Graphic at Techiman.
He condemned the current practice in the municipality whereby some banks ask teachers to come for their salaries on a particular day as not in the best interest of teachers and other workers in the area.
According to the chief, during such days most teachers and other government workers desert the classrooms and offices to queue for their pay, resulting in low productivity.
Nana Ackession said teachers who were compelled to leave their classrooms to collect their pay left pupils in the classrooms, a situation that hindered education.
He urged teachers and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) to dialogue with some of the banks to extend their working hours to enable teachers, as well as other government workers, to receive their pay at their own convenience.
Nana Ackession said the current practice whereby teachers were made to queue for their pay tarnished the image of the teaching profession in the municipality.

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