Wednesday, November 12, 2008


THE Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) has called on the government to expedite action on the release of all outstanding arrears of scholarships and grants from the last academic year, as well as subsequent ones. This it noted would help ensure the smooth running of schools and the successful completion of the current academic term.
The conference also called for an immediate upward review of the feeding fees of 80Gp per day per student to reflect current market trends in order to forestall the early closure of their schools and ensure their effective and uninterrupted running.
The call was made in a 11-point communiqué signed and issued by Mr Felix Essah-Hienno, the National Secretary of CHASS, at the end of the 46th annual conference of CHASS in Sunyani.
The six-day conference was on the theme, “Promoting Quality Educational Leadership and Excellence”.
The communiqué expressed appreciation to the government for its efforts at providing buses and other vehicles for some schools and hoped that the gesture would be extended to all schools and heads of schools to facilitate effective administration.
It also appreciated the efforts of the government at providing infrastructural facilities for schools but appealed to it to accelerate the provision of such facilities to meet the demands of the fourth year programme as demanded by the new educational reform.
“In order to facilitate the Computerised Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) process and reduce the frustration of heads of schools and parents, we reiterate that after the just placement heads of schools who still have vacancies should be allowed to admit students who qualify in conformity with the system,” the communiqué said.
It suggested that to further enhance the CSSPS process, less endowed schools should be given immediate attention, especially in the distribution of inputs, in order for students to be attracted to those schools to ease the pressure on the few well-endowed schools.
It stated that to enhance and promote effective leadership, the issue of acceptable and adequate motivation for heads of schools and teachers must be seriously and urgently addressed.
The communiqué also called on the government to seriously consider termly procurement plans, instead of annual procurement plans, for second-cycle schools, since the school programmes were run on a termly basis.
“Finally, we pledge to use our leadership positions to educate our students and communities on the need for peaceful elections,” it said.

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