Friday, January 16, 2009


THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Tain Constituency in the Brong Ahafo Region, Mr Ahmed Ibrahim, has called on his constituents to bury their differences in order to promote the development of the area.
In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Mr Ibrahim said even though people belonged to different political ideologies, that should not be allowed to destroy the long-standing unity that had existed for centuries among communities in the Tain Constituency.
He said under his leadership, there would be no room for discrimination along political lines, adding that everything would be based on merit.
“Beyond politics, I believe we are all one people with a common destiny,” he said.
The MP commended the chiefs and people of the area for reposing such confidence in him and urged them to rally solidly behind him in his bid to develop the constituency.
Mr Ibrahim stressed that the Tain District faced various developmental setbacks such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, as well as education-related challenges that had bedevilled the district over the years.
He said suggestions for the development of the district were always welcome from all those who contested him, adding, “I’m sure each of my competitors has something positive to offer the constituency. This is why my doors are widely open for suggestions.”
The MP was optimistic that in unity the district was more than capable of overcoming all its developmental challenges that had bedevilled its inhabitants since it was carved out of the Wenchi District four years ago.
“The district is endowed with rich human and natural resources which we can exploit to promote development. Unity is all that we need,” he stated.
He named such tourism potential as the Bui National Park and its Hippo Sanctuary on the Black Volta, as well as the Hani Archaeology site which is little known, saying that when those are opened up, they could offer job opportunities to the jobless youth, as well as give the district a facelift.
The MP, therefore, took the opportunity to appeal to all potential investors to direct their attention towards Tain, since the chiefs who were the custodians of the land were willing to open such tourist sites and offer land for commercial farming activities to further create jobs in the area and help reduce poverty.
Mr Ibrahim also appealed to the constituents to take education seriously in order to be able to take advantage of job opportunities that the NDC was going to create.

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