Sunday, February 28, 2010


The government has been urged to review the recent increment in the road toll to reflect the current economic situation in the country.
The increment in the road toll has been described by many as astronomical and the earlier it was reviewed to reflect the prevailing economic circumstances of the country the better.
Alhaji Yakubu Anderson, made the call in an interview with the Daily Graphic in Sunyani.
He said he appreciated the governments’ commitment to develop the road sector of the country but that should be done gradually.
Alhaji Anderson noted that there had been an astronomical percentage increment, adding that for the private cars he had no problem with the increment but the same could not be send for public transport.
According to him, since majority of Ghanaians patronised the public transport the government should have given serious consideration to that sector.
He noted that with the increment in the road toll commercial transport operators would be forced to transfer the cost to passengers and this could worsen the standard of living of the citizenry, especially the poor.
“The 50Gp per private car is okay but the Gh¢1.00 and above for commercial vehicles should be reduced,” he stressed.
Alhaji Anderson in calling for the review of the increment in the road toll also called for broader consultations , saying the government should sit down with a all stakeholders once again and come out with a realistic fees.

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