Sunday, February 1, 2009


The Brong Ahafo Regional Minister designate, Mr Kwadwo Nyamekye-Marfo, has said, given the nod by Parliament to become Minister, education, health and agriculture will be a top priority in his administration.
He said he would also give attention to the reshaping of feeder roads in the region, especially those leading and linking food production areas to the marketing centres.
Mr Nyamekye-Marfo gave the assurance in an interview with the Daily Graphic in Sunyani moments after he was mentioned as the President’s nominee for the position of the Regional Minister.
He further gave the assurance that he would take a look at the water and electricity sectors.
This, he said, he would do by ensuring that potable water and electricity were extended to the newly developed areas in the Sunyani Municipality, as well as other towns and villages.
He said his administration would also work closely with traditional authorities and all religious groupings in the region for development.
Mr Nyamekye-Marfo said he felt humble by his nomination, saying there were several people who put in their bid for the regional minister position from the region, which he also did.
“I was therefore ready to serve in any capacity or play any role President Mills would have assigned me so I was not surprised by the appointment,” he added.
Mr Nyamekye-Marfo told the Daily Graphic that he had once served on the executive at a lower level for a total period of 11 years, under the People’s National Defence Council (PNDC), and the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration under former President J J Rawlings, as District Secretary for Jaman South and District, Chief Executive (DCE) for the then Sunyani District now a municipality.
He called for co-operation from all sectors of the local economy to help speed up the socio-economic development of the region, which he said was endowed with a lot of natural and human resources, which would be tapped and harnessed for the progress of the region.
Meanwhile, some residents in the Sunyani Municipality from the various political parties, civil society groups among others, have hailed the nomination of Mr Nyamekye-Marfo as the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister designate.
They welcomed the news with joy and excitement and described the President’s choice as a good one.
They also described the Regional Minister designate as an affable, God fearing, hard-working and a ‘down to earth’ person who was committed to the cause of all, no matter their social, ethnic, religious and political background.
“I think Mr Nyamekye-Marfo would be a father of all in the region,” Mr Paa Kwesi Ansah, a businessman declared.
Madam Akosua Kyeremaa, a trader at the Sunyani Central Market, also described President Mills’s choice as a good one and said she was expecting good days ahead for all in the region.
They expressed the hope that the Regional Minister designate would work to implement the party’s electioneering slogan ‘Change’ and ‘a better Ghana for all’ at the regional, municipal and district levels.

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