Monday, September 13, 2010


The Brong Ahafo Regional Secretariat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has categorically dismissed reports of the formation of a party emerging from the ranks of the NDC in the region, led by one Mr Raphael Cubagee, an assembly member for Abosoum Electoral Area in the Sunyani Municipality.
“As far as the secretariat is concerned there has not been any defection let alone a group of people from NDC forming another party”, it said.
A statement issued to the press in Sunyani in reaction to the report over the weekend and signed by Mr Justice Samuel Adjei, the NDC Regional Secretary, said the party in the region was very formidable and intact, and was strategising towards winning the 2012 general elections.
It said the party, therefore, wanted to tell the rank and file to disregard Mr Raphael Cubbage and remain focussed.
It also appealed to all members, supporters and well-wishers of the party to contact the secretariat on any issue that agitated them.
At the weekend a new political grouping, Real Democratic Patriots Party (RDPP), reportedly emerged with its interim headquarters in the Brong Ahafo regional capital, Sunyani.
Members of the new party, reported to be mainly aggrieved supporters of the NDC, said they believed in the Rawlings ideology, though the Rawlingses were not linked to the formation of the party.
The National Coordinator of the yet to be launched RDPP, Raphael Cubagee, a former Brong Ahafo Regional Executive Member of the NDC who recently filed for a floating status to leave the NDC, following an alleged ill-treatment he had been subjected to by some high-profile members of the ruling party, said the RDPP had the support of the masses, especially the rank and file of the NDC whose hopes had been shattered by the Mills administration.
The RDPP’s motto is: “Together We Build; Together We Enjoy”, signifying that the party would create an equal and fair platform for all Ghanaians in acquiring and sharing of the national cake when it assumes power. Its symbol is the camel.
The National Coordinator explained that RDPP was poised to demonstrate “real and proper” democracy in Ghanaian politics.
The former outspoken NDC stalwart disclosed that the formation of the RDPP stemmed out of the current state of the NDC which had been divided and hijacked by a small group of self-centered people who did not want others to also operate to ensure the realisation of the ‘Better Ghana’ agenda.

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